Instruments—by Builders – O


Odell, J. H. & C. S. (opus 63):  Hastings, Michigan, Emmanuel Episcopal Church (1867)—48/5


Odell, J. H. & C. S. (opus 65):  Derby, Connecticut, Derby United Methodist Church (1868), restored 1975 Richard Hamar—45/6


Odell, J. H. & C. S. (opus 141):  Chicago, Illinois, Saint Paul Universalist (1875), rebuilt 1892 Bassett, replaced 1857 Erben, burned 1871—25/23 (Odell); 26/20 (Odell/Bassett); 35/5; 36/9-10P; 42/26, 30, 31


Odell:  Detroit, Michigan, Fort Street Presbyterian Church (1887), rebuilt 1914 Wangerin, since rebuilt—48/8


Odell, J. H. & C. S.:  Buffalo, New York, Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church, closed 2007, 1863 rebuild of 1853 Hall & Labagh—97/14-15S


Odell:  Seattle, Washington, Magnolia Presbyterian Church (1877)—14/14; 16/27



Odenbrett, Philip:  Dubuque, Iowa, Saint Mary Catholic Church, rebuild of 1870 E. & G. G. Hook (opus 531), rebuilt 1965 Earl Breilharz/Lima Pipe Organ Company—40/21



Organ Clearing House:  now in Boca Raton, Florida, Saint David Boys School, 1884 Hook & Hastings (opus 1227), built for Chicago, Illinois, Church of Our Saviour, Episcopal, rebuilt unknown, rebuilt Robert L. David, sold 1981 through OCH, to Boca Raton, Florida, Saint David Boys School, rebuilt Klug & Schumacher—23/8-9SI


Organ Clearing House:  Chicago, Illinois, First German Baptist Church, later Good Shepherd Bible Church, later Faith Temple-Sister Ann’s Miracle Revival Center, removal and relocation of 1901 Lyon & Healy (opus 97, factory number 1349), with Ronald Wahl, to Appleton, Wisconsin, Saint Mary Catholic Church (1998)—60/4-5S


Organ Clearing House:  now in Chicago, Illinois, Saint Joseph Catholic Church, 1998 relocation of 1892 Hutchings (opus 269), built for Cambridgeport (now Cambridge), Massachusetts, Prospect Street Congregational Church (later Prospect Street Church), moved and restored by Bradford, replaced 1900 Lancashire-Marshall, rebuilt 1930's Charles Wiener, destroyed 1973, which replaced 1855 Wolfram, burned 1871—35/6 (Wolfram); 42/20, 26, 30-32 (Wolfram); 63/16-18SI (Hutchings); 67/20I (Hutchings, Lancashire-Marshall façade); 68/38-39I


Organ Clearing House:  Chicago, Illinois, Woodlawn United Methodist Church, 1941 Henry Pilcher's Sons (opus 1952)—62/11


Organ Clearing House:  Evanston, Illinois, First Church of Christ, Scientist, storage of 1902 Lyon & Healy (opus 105, factory number 1357), rebuilt or replaced Peloubet, also 1914 Skinner (opus 208), additions possibly by La Marche—65/15, 22-26, 28SI (Lyon & Healy, Skinner)


Organ Clearing House:  Wilmette, Illinois, Saint John Evangelical Lutheran Church, obtained pipework for 1990 Bradford (opus 6), containing parts of other organs, including 1873 Johnson & Son (opus 389), built for Congregational Church, Chester, Connecticut, later in Lawrence Massachusetts, German Presbyterian Church (later Christ Presbyterian Church), and William Laws organ, assembled for Beverly, Massachusetts, First Presbyterian Church, at Wilmette replaced 1925 Wangerin (opus 478), altered 1950’s Joseph Banahan, replaced—69/7, 10-13SI (Wangerin/Bradford)


Organ Clearing House:  Arlington, Massachusetts, First Parish Unitarian Church, 1983 relocation of 1870 E. & G. G. Hook (opus 529), built for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Christ Methodist Episcopal Church, by Richard Nickerson, restored 1998 Bishop Organ Company—69/32


Organ Clearing House:  Lexington, Massachusetts, Follen Community Church, 1995 relocation of 1869 E. & G. G. Hook (opus 466), built for Stoneham, Massachusetts, Christian Union Church, moved and restored 1995-1996 through Organd Clearing House by Bishop Organ Company—69/32


Organ Clearing House:  now in Aiken, South Carolina, Saint Mary, Help of Christians Catholic Church, 1985 rebuild by George Bozeman & Co. (opus 33) of 1911 Hinners (opus 1249), built for Chicago, Illinois, Fowler Methodist Episcopal Church, later Fowler-Clifton United Methodist Church, building later Greater Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church--63/7-8SI


Organ Clearing House:  now in Charleston, South Carolina, Saint Mary Catholic Church, 1980 relocation of 1874 Jardine, additions by Mann & Trupiano—35/17


Organ Clearing House:  now in Columbia, South Carolina, Trinity Lutheran Church, relocation of unknown organ—35/17-18


Organ Clearing House:  now in Meggett, South Carolina, Saint Paul Episcopal Church, relocation of 1867 E. & G. G. Hook, 1980 Mann & Trupiano—35/17



Ott, Martin: De Kalb, Illinois, Northern Illinois University, Music Building, Boutell Memorial Concert Hall (1983)—46/2-3S


Ott, Martin:  Oswego, Illinois, Saint Anne Catholic Church (1986), burned 2000—67/9-10SI


Ott, Martin:  built for Saint Louis, Missouri, Christ Seminary-Seminex, relocated 1983 to Chicago, Illinois, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, relocated to headquarters of Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, replaced 2004 M. L. Bigelow & Co. (opus 31)—86/18-19SI


Ott, Martin (opus 75):  Portland, Oregon, Saint Mary Catholic Cathedral (1996)—57/13


Ott, Martin, (opus 79):  Saint Benedict, Oregon, Mount Angel Abbey Monastery Church (1996)—57/16